Frequently Asked Questions


Granite Landscape Pavers

How thick are they?
Typically 3 cm or 11/4 inches thick

How strong are they?
At 1 1/4 inch thickness recycled granite pavers are ½ the thickness of brick or concrete pavers but are 3 to 5 times stronger and average17,000-23,000 psi, Compared to concrete or brick pavers which are around 5,000 psi

How are they installed?
The same method used for a standard brick or concrete pavers installation applies to Granite pavers. Because of different climates in different areas we recommend using the same method of installation that would typically be used for any paver installation in your area.

Can they be laid over existing concrete?
Absolutely, Granite pavers are ideal for overlay applications over existing concrete. They can be laid with no adhesive if a polymeric sand is used to fill the joints , locking only the perimeter pieces in place with quality construction adhesive. Dry lay the middle and spread the sand, sweep off excess sand and wet, that's it.

Do they need to be sealed?
No, they don't need to be sealed. Granite is somewhat porous but it is not absorbent , so most spills can be easily removed with a pressure washer, however sealer will give an added layer of protection against oily spills, it may also be used to enhance or deepen the natural colors of the stone.

Will they fade?
No, recycled Granite is solid granite and there is no artificial dye or color pigments. Fading is not an issue.

Are they slick when wet?
No, Granite pavers are installed with the counter top polished surface down, the opposite side has a textured non slip surface from the quarrying and fabrication process of the slab, we use a high pressure washing process to bring out the true natural colors of the stone and are left with a flat non slip surface.

What colors are available?                                                                                                                                                                                  We blend similar colored stone and have 3 blends  (Light, Dark, and Mixed) We can mix any ratio of Light or Dark stone for the mixed blends and custom blends are welcome.

Does the recycling process involve grinding or crushing up the granite?                                                                                                   No, there is no grinding or crushing involved. All of our products are solid natural stone made from solid slab waste. We use patented equipment to essentially press the shapes out of  the solid granite slab, a giant cookie cutter is the best way to explain it.

Do they qualify for Leed Points?
Yes, Recycled granite will qualify for points on a Leed project. You will need to check with your Leed Ap to find out which specific categories they will qualify.

How long will they last?
If installed correctly the life expectancy of solid granite is 400 years and we have a lifetime replacement warranty against fading or cracking.

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